Aston Martin DBX707 V8Power. Driven.

It is speed exemplified. It is opulence on wheels. It is precision craftsmanship coalesced around a single idea: to build the world's preeminent ultra-luxury performance SUV. And as a single test-drive will prove, the new Aston Martin DBX V8 is all this and more.

What makes the new Aston Martin V8 engine so delectable to hear at full throttle? Why do the DBX V8 trims and color options resonate so strongly with our sense of aesthetic taste? What is it in the new DBX interior that draws us back time and again, even when we have nowhere to go? We think it is the painstaking perfectionism that designers and engineers put into every detail.

If you have yet to experience the new DBX, visit our Aston Martin retailer near Redondo Beach. We promise you that your first look at this sophisticated, dramatic new machine will be unforgettable.

Front 3/4 shot of Aston Martin DBX V8 parked on road
Rear view of Aston Martin DBX V8
Interior shot of Aston Martin DBX V8
Interior shot of Aston Martin DBX V8

Aston Martin DBX V8 Specs & Features

You'll find that all five senses are catered to when you own a new Aston Martin DBX near Redondo Beach. First, look at its design: the DBX wheels measure 22 inches in diameter, enhancing the SUV's lean and muscular silhouette. Follow this by opening the driver's door and sensing its satisfying heft, a feeling mirrored in the refreshingly tactile switchgear that controls many of the DBX interior features. Once in the cabin, you will catch the scent of the quality leather hides used extensively across all upholstered surfaces.

As for taste and sound? Upon first hearing the Aston Martin DBX V8 engine -- a 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 powerhouse that's capable of producing 542 brake horsepower -- you will get a taste of what it means to have arrived even before you put the nine-speed automatic transmission in gear and begin driving your new DBX in Southern California. The sensory delight continues with these standard and available DBX features:

  • 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds
  • 181 mph top speed
  • Six adaptive drive modes
  • 6-piston monoblock caliper front brakes
  • Dynamic Torque Vectoring
  • 10.25-inch central display
  • 12.3-inch driver information display
  • Apple CarPlay®